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Featured photographers for Issue 03 Changing Times

Abeer Khan - Mumbai, India

Abhiruk Lahiri - Düsseldorf,Germany

Abhishek Pandey - Delhi,India

Abhishek Sharma - Delhi, India

Adedolapo Boluwatife - Lagos, Nigeria

Ajay Dhoke - Nagpur, India

Akbar Haramain - Palangkaraya, Indonesia

April Candelaria Vocal -Philippines

Arnold Christy - TamilNadu, India

Darshika Sandhu - Jorhat, Assam

Debanjan Majumdar - Kolkata, India

George Ivanchenko - Kharkiv, Ukraine

Harmit Josh - iAhmedabad, India

Harshit Wadhwa - Bhopal,India

Hira Munir Abro - Karachi, Pakistan

Janvi Bhardwaj - Punjab, India

José De Rocco - CABA, Argentina

Katya Moskalyuk - Lviv, Ukraine

Krisha Chitalia - Mumbai, India

Mahee Agrawal - Delhi, India

Maria Tkachenko - Russia, Saint Petersburg

Meet Kuntmal- Ahmedabad, India

Mohit Manwani - Mumbai, India

Mouli Paul - Kolkata, India

Ojas Mali - Nashik, India 

Petro Chekal - Kharkiv, Ukraine

Salome Pantsulaia - Tbilisi,Georgia

Saurabh Agarwal - Lucknow, India

Sheethal NS - Kerala, India

Shreeya Bohra - India

Vishesh Anand - Indore, India

Vivek Sagar - India Delhi 


Submissions open
15th December 2023


Submissions close 
31st January 2024


Announcing selected photographers
20th February 2024



Zine available online and to purchase*
30th March 2024

*This timeline is a rough schedule for your perusal. We will do our best to deliver the zine in a timely manner but will not be accountable for any delays that are beyond our control.






For our third open call we invite photographers to explore the theme of Changing Times.

In a world where the only constant is change, whether it is a societal shift, technological advancement, environmental transformation or personal metamorphosis, we would like to encourage our participants to create a dialogue through their work which portrays this ever-changing characteristic of time, be it future, past or present. We welcome photographers of all genres to show us how photography has pushed limits over time in the form of conceptual art and has proved to be a tool to reflect on one's living environment, interpersonal dynamics, and socio-political issues.

Images depicting the state of the environment today, such as degraded and altered landscapes; new landscapes developed with contemporary technologies to avert climate catastrophe or otherwise; the way we live now – how we interact with technology in contrast to how we engage with one another or the natural world; societal shifts shaping our future; transformations in one’s own life or in the lives of those around them; rapid urbanisation and paradoxical urban settings; the juxtaposition of the past and present; our hopes and fears for the future are just a few examples of how ‘Changing Times’ could be interpreted.

In what ways could you portray the new realities of changing times through photography?

We would like the artists to interpret the theme freely and surprise us with their work.






GUEST JUDGE:  Jekaterina Sevljeva


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