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Open Call 04  
Before Color

Apply before 31th July, 2024 

Guest Judge - Sunhil Sippy

We are thrilled to announce our fourth open call, inviting photographers to delve into the captivating theme of Black and White Photography. This showcase offers a unique opportunity to explore the enduring charm and significant impact of monochromatic imagery.

Black and white photography holds a distinguished place in the history of visual arts. From its inception in the 19th century, black and white images have played a crucial role in the evolution of photography. Iconic figures like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson mastered the medium, revealing the power of light and shadow to convey emotion and narrative. The absence of color directs focus to form, texture, and composition, creating a timeless and evocative visual experience.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of black and white photography by submitting your work to this evocative and historically rich theme.

Submission Guidelines

Theme: Black and White Photography
Submission Deadline: 31th July 2024
File Format: JPEG 
Resolution: Minimum 300 dpi
Number of Entries: 1 image for free. To submit upto 5 images join our Discord community.
File Naming: FirstName_LastName01.jpg (e.g., Hunny_Awatramani01.jpg) 

Why Participate?

Exposure: Gain visibility in a dedicated showcase celebrating black and white photography.

Networking: Connect with other photographers and enthusiasts who share a passion for monochromatic imagery.

Recognition: Stand out by demonstrating your skill and creativity in this classic art form.

Terms & Conditions

Photos submitted must be original and taken by the photographer. We do not accept AI-created or altered images. Uncommon respects photographers' copyrights, which remain with the creator. By submitting, you grant Uncommon worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to use, publish, reproduce, display, adapt, and distribute the image for promotional, editorial, or educational purposes.

Become a Discord Member today to submit 5 images and get exclusive benefits! 

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About our Guest Judge 

Sunhil, born in London in 1971, embarked on a diverse journey that led him from English Literature studies at Georgetown to the world of film and advertising in Bombay. Despite a setback due to an accident during a shoot, he found solace and passion in street photography, culminating in his first Monograph, "The Opium Of Time." His commercial work, though glossy and focused on beauty, contrasts with his more introspective photographic explorations. Alongside his career, he actively engages in charitable work, particularly in curable blindness and palliative care. Sunhil remains a part-time flaneur, part-time director, and full-time observer, navigating the complexities of life in Bombay with gratitude and curiosity.

Open Call Timeline

Submissions Open
1st July 2024


Submissions Close 
31st July 2024

(Community members)

7th August 2024 


Announcing Selected Photographers
30st August 2024



Zine Available For Purchase*
30th September 2024

*This timeline is a rough schedule for your perusal. We will do our best to deliver the zine in a timely manner but will not be accountable for any delays that are beyond our control.

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