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Dasha Kurganova


Dasha Kurganova is a street photographer originally from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She moved to Saint-Petersburg, Russia when she was a kid with her family and currently works there. Her photography focuses on capturing the fragility of the moment and revealing the surrealistic side of everyday life.


What is photography to you?

Photography for me is a way to live in the present moment, to look around attentively and notice more interesting things. It is also a way to remember something and share it with others. If you think about it, it's magic.

How did you get started in Photography?

My passion for photography began in my teenage years. I remember walking down the street at the age of 14 and discovering new angles with every step, wanting to capture everything around me. At first, it happened infrequently, but with each passing year, it became more and more frequent until, at the age of 25, I realized that photography was not just a hobby, but also a job and my favorite pastime.


What impact do you think your childhood has on your photography?

My grandfather Pavel Miroshnichenko was a painter, so I grew up surrounded by paintings. It's hard to say how it directly influenced me, but the vision of color always fascinated and attracted me.

Please tell us about your process and vision.​

First and foremost, I respond to color and the interplay of light and shadow, and only then to the situation. I think that photography doesn't always have to have a literary meaning. It can have its own visual narrative.

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What challenges do you face as an artist?

As an artist and as a person, it's hard for me to deal with dark days. In the city where I live, St. Petersburg, it gets dark very early almost all winter, around 4-5 pm, and during the day the sky is covered with a thick layer of clouds. It's hard to create something while living without sunshine for so long.

How do you overcome periods of low motivation or creative ruts?


During periods of creative rut, I simply try to accept the state and not beat myself up over it. This allows me to save more energy for recovery.

What inspires you the most?

In everyday life, I am inspired by bright colors and contrasting patterns, but most of all I am inspired by stepping out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I manage to do something that is not typical for me, and it feels great, but there are also difficult and completely unplanned situations that make you realize the value of life. Usually, such events happen rarely and being in them can seem like the hardest time in life. But after that, life plays with bright colors and you understand what is most important to you.

Tell us about a photo you’re proud of.

At the moment, I don't have a photo that I'm particularly proud of or that stands out from the rest. So I just chose a photo that seems interesting to me with its complexity. Lately, I've been drawn to photos with many details that are harmoniously composed together. This photo is my best attempt at doing that so far.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-11 at 9.18.43 PM.jpeg

How would you define photographic success?

Through photography, I would like to inspire people to see more beauty and interest in everyday things. I think it makes life happier. 

What do you think the future of photography is?

I think that despite the development of AI technologies, photography will always be valuable for its documentary and commemorative qualities. As for the art of photography, it's hard for me to imagine what the future holds, but I want to believe that photography will continue to evolve while remaining true to its essence.


Image copyrights © Dasha Kurganova 

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