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Naveed Hussain

New Delhi,


Naveed Hussain is an Indian Visual Artist based in New Delhi. He is attracted by all forms of artistic expressions and rises in all areas where creation is welcome. He's the co-founder & curator of India Photo Story, a collective of fine art photographers & beyond.


What is photography to you?

Photography to me is all about living in the moment and capturing it. Especially encapsulating the feeling of that particular moment which allows me to forge connections with myself and others. Throughout my journey, photography has consistently served as a powerful medium for self-expression.

How did you get started in Photography?

It was during high school days when I got my first camera and I went on a trip to Kashmir, my ancestral house. Because of that particular trip my interest for photography intensified. Through the lens, I began to notice details and perspectives that had previously eluded me. This realization solidified my commitment to photography, even if it may not be my primary occupation.


What impact do you think your childhood has on your photography?

I consider myself fortunate to have been born and raised in a family of artists. My father, beinga painter and photographer, captured numerous pictures of me, my brother, and our family throughout my upbringing. Flipping through all the family albums is like a hobby for all of us till date. This exposure naturally sparked my curiosity in photography and the various cameras he owned, dating back to my childhood. I would often grab his cameras and take random shots and even waste a roll of 35mm film back then.

Please tell us about your process and vision.​

I don't think I follow a set process; the only certainty is that I capture a photograph when a moment evokes a certain feeling within me, regardless of its nature. I instinctively respond to the interplay of light and the resulting mood it creates. I feel I'm in an experimental phase where I yearn to explore diverse mediums rather than confining myself to just one. Currently, my inclination leans towards 35mm film and videography.

What challenges do you face as an artist?

I think as an artist, almost everyone goes through imposter syndrome, doubting our abilities and not giving ourselves much credit. I deal with that a lot because of which I have lost a lot of opportunities. And there's always some kind of pressure that you feel about achieving a milestone at the right time or age.


How do you overcome periods of low motivation or creative ruts?


I workout or go climbing whenever I have low motivation. It helps me think and re-evaluate the situation. Whenever I'm climbing I forget about everything else and just focus on finishing my climb which gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also I watch inspiring movies or listen to good music to evoke a sense of creativity within me.

What inspires you the most?

My grandfather G.R Santosh inspires me the most, he was a legendary painter, prose writer, philosopher who led a great life and dedicated himself to the study and practice of tantra, as a yogi as much as an artist. I'd be happy to even do 5% of what he did as an artist in his life.

Tell us about a photo you’re proud of.

I'm proud of a photograph that I took of my mother sleeping in our ancestral house in Kashmir with my first camera. I was just an ardent photographer back then curiously clicking everything and anything. But this photograph in particular had that mood and evoked a warm feeling for the first time when I took the picture.

How would you define photographic success?

Through photography, I would like to inspire people to see more beauty and interest in everyday things. I think it makes life happier. 

What do you think the future of photography is?

I think that despite the development of AI technologies, photography will always be valuable for its documentary and commemorative qualities. As for the art of photography, it's hard for me to imagine what the future holds, but I want to believe that photography will continue to evolve while remaining true to its essence.

Image copyrights © Naveed Hussain

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