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Warun Siriprachai



Warun Siriprachai, is an advertiser conducting planning strategies in Thailand, with a deep passion for photography. 
As a reporter and journalist, Warun aspires to use her pictures to shed light on global issues and contribute to making society a better place.

What is photography to you?

Photography is a great part of my life. Shooting for fun leads to shooting for some changes in society.

How did you get started in Photography?

My mental health became worse. I had a depressive disorder because I worked over the limit. So, I started to relax by taking some photos. 

What impact do you think your childhood has on your photography?

Being a film director was a real childhood dream. I'm interested in art and drawing. However, I couldn't fulfill my dream because my family was bankrupt. I didn’t study in the faculty that I loved, I studied so hard in order to help my family from bankruptcy. My life had fallen because I didn't have any money to buy food. The bankruptcy taught me many lessons, especially the unprivileged and the world between richness and poorness. Even though I started photo shooting later than other people and I didn’t have any background in communication arts, I learnt basic techniques by myself from the internet and best scenes from movies. It can be said that photography is similar to being a film director. as ever I wanted to be.

Please tell us about your process and vision.​

Currently, I did several projects related to social change in Asia.I think shooting photos is another way to tell the truth and help the society. 

What challenges do you face as an artist?

In my country the government doesn’t play the key roles as a supporter rather they try to block and not support the artists.

How do you overcome periods of low motivation or creative ruts?


I used to walk out and take pictures all the time when I ran out of creativity. But when I walked more and more, I suffered because I couldn't get any pictures! So I stopped thinking and went to sleep, rested, went to find inspiration, read a book, and made myself come back alive again. I'm starting to understand the meaning of life.

What inspires you the most?

I believe that photos can bring the truth to society and make a better world.

Tell us about a photo you’re proud of.

Two photos that I took when Bangkok was flooded last year. This auntie had a severe case of athlete's foot and lack of medication. When I published the story, there were people on social media who helped share it. Until Auntie received assistance from the Ministry of Public Health.

How would you define photographic success?

Being a celebrity photographer , having an exhibition It's not a successful story for me. But doing a project that is useful to other people and society and a ripple effect is my true success.

What do you think the future of photography is?
The technology in the camera keeps getting better. Images from medium format will become tangible to the general public. The quality of the file is as beautiful as the eye sees. The photography will not stop.

Image copyrights © Warun Siriprachai

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