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Uncommon will NEVER assume ownership of your work, and the artist’s copyright settings, as selected by the artist, will remain associated with each published project. Work submitted to Uncommon remains owned by the artist, under the artist’s selected copyright settings, and artists decide whether or not to sell their work to third parties – Uncommon does not act as an intermediary in selling creative work.

Uncommon does not claim any permanent ownership of the Content you submit. As a photography competition organization, however, we require a limited license to host and display this content, as specified below. For instance, it enables Uncommon to promote and showcase your work across Uncommon’s website, Social Networks and partner sites that present your work professionally – with link to your portfolio. We require a limited license in order to promote and showcase your content across Uncommon’s Network. The limited license below is required to allow Uncommon to host, display, organize, print and propagate your work. By communicating with Uncommon, including submitting or sending Content, correspondence or other information or material to Uncommon, you grant Uncommon a limited license for 1 year, or for the period of time your Content is published in Uncommon’s systems, to display the work royalty-free, unrestricted, and world-wide, across Uncommon’s sites, and Uncommon’s Networks. In some cases, media must be reformatted for display and incorporation into Uncommon’s galleries. As such, during this limited license, you allow Uncommon to reproduce, modify, publish, translate, distribute, perform and display your Content (in whole or part), and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. Such limited license also includes incorporating Content, in whole or in part, into a Uncommon feature or in promotional or marketing materials (respectfully and attributed properly to the artist).

Each Photographer represents and warrants that: 

I.    Uncommon only operates as a medium for the distribution and publishing of content by users. We make no guarantee that content is actually available and present on the site. We have the right, but are not obligated, to take any necessary action as we see fit in regards to your user content.

II.   We are not responsible for the deletion of content or failure to save/store any content that was or was not made available on the site itself.

III.  All content that you submit to the site is subject to our approval or disapproval. We have the right to accept, reject, or change your content as we see fit.

IV. Any Images and Multimedia are compliant with these Terms and not illegal

V. Any Images and Multimedia are their own original work (or the Photographer has the rights to exploit the Images via the Site); they are the sole and absolute owner of all intellectual property rights in their Images and Multimedia or otherwise have the full right, authority and capacity to Licence the Images for the purposes of the Site; and

VI. Reproduction or use of the Images shall not infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property (including moral rights), contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements) or other third party rights.

VII. Images and Multimedia displayed by any Photographer (or any other User) do not necessarily reflect the views of Uncommon.

VIII. Photographers are responsible for all Images, Multimedia and related stories, descriptions content, information and communications published on, sent via or in connection with the Site and warrant that information is accurate, complete, honest and genuine and within their legal rights to use on the Site. Each Photographer acknowledges that such content may be made publicly available and that we are not responsible for editing or monitoring such content. We may modify the format, layout, language, size and metadata of such content, although we will endeavour not to change the meaning of your expression.

IX. We may include sponsored content and advertisements on the Site, including near Images, Multimedia, Content and communications, without compensation to any user.

X. We reserve the right to delete any Images, Multimedia or other Content in our absolute discretion.

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